Arizona Association of Drug Court Professionals

Susan Alameda

AADCP BOARD – SUSAN ALAMEDA Susan Alameda AADCP President Susan Alameda AADCP President Susan Alameda is a project director for the National Drug Court Institute (NDCI), a division of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP). As project director, Ms. Alameda takes pride in managing the On-Demand training projects designed to provide evidence based, quality professional development training to practitioners serving the criminal justice involved population. Ms. Alameda’s passion for working with the criminal justice population can be tracked by over 19 years working at the Arizona Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts where, as a program specialist and supervisor, she managed funds and access to treatment services for juveniles in the foster care system, juveniles and adults on community supervision, individuals with co-occurring disorders, veterans with PTSD, and transferred youth. In addition, as statewide Drug Court Coordinator, Ms. Alameda was responsible for managing state and federal funds to help support program implementation and sustainability for both limited and general jurisdiction treatment courts including Mental Health Courts, DUI Courts, Adult/ Juvenile Drug Courts and Veteran Treatment Courts. Ms. Alameda collaborated with stakeholders and field experts to develop standard terms and conditions, best practice standards and guidelines, memorandums of understanding, information sharing agreements and contracts. Ms. Alameda has facilitated and co-facilitated presentations, webinars, and trainings across the country and in Mexico on treatment courts. Ms. Alameda also served under the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family as Program Manager responsible for approximately $20 million in state and federal grant funds in support of community-based prevention and early intervention substance use/abuse/misuse programs.