Arizona Association of Drug Court Professionals


Do you love working within the treatment court field?  Have you wanted to become more involved with AADCP and advocate on a statewide level?  If you answered yes to both of these questions, you have come to the right place.  Below are the list of AADCP Subcommittees and we want you!  Review the information below and find the subcommittee that best suits your interests.  Reach out to the chair(s) and inquire as to how you can join the committee.

For more information or to join a committee  [email protected]


Co-Chair – Mike Byrd

Co-Chair – Carlos Carrion

The AADCP board must remain loyal to the organization’s mission and vision. It’s necessary for the board to develop a strategic plan so that it aims to support the long-term sustainability of the organization. There is a mutually beneficial relationship between AADCP’s viability and the public trust in, and support of, our communities.  The Governance

Subcommittee is populated by three board members appointed by the Executive Committee annually.

To provide strong leadership and implement best practices, the AADCP Governance Committee must ensure the following measures are in place:

  1. Bylaws
  2. Board job descriptions and agreements
  3. New board member orientation
  4. Ensures there is a robust strategic plan in place
  5. Equips board members to be valuable ambassadors for AADCP
  6. Tools for fund development
  7. Board self-assessment
  8. Strong agendas and recording of board meetings
  9.   New board member development
  10. Seeks outside counsel when necessary

Conference Planning

Chair – Mike Byrd

Executive Director – Gretchen Perry 

Community Outreach – John Morris

The AADCP Conference Planning Subcommittee is responsible for coordination and management of the annual conference.  The success of the conference is critical for the organization to develop funds, grow membership, cultivate strategic relationships, and gain feedback from the community. This subcommittee typically requires the most effort to produce a successful event.   Although all board members are not required to serve on the committee, they are all asked to participate in certain areas where needed.

Responsibilities of the Conference Planning Subcommittee include, but are not limited to, the following tasks:

  1. Secures host hotel and any necessary overflow hotels, presents contracts to the Board President for signature
  2. Determines the annual theme, orders correlating materials (name badges, printed materials, gifts, etc.)
  3. Develops a timeline of events
  4. Develops sponsorship packages and reach out to previous and potential new sponsors
  5. Designates one or two people to continue relationships and assist sponsors when needed
  6. Recruits volunteers to assist during the conference
  7. Coordinates event details with the host hotel
  8. Develops a communication plan and timeline of events via email and website
  9. Continually updates the website with event details
  10. Recruits and secures speakers for all conference sessions
  11. Secures outside vendors (photographer, shuttle, etc.)

IT and Communication

Co-Chair – Michelle Hart 

Co-Chair – Carlos Carrion 

This subcommittee oversees any Executive Board approved social media (including, but not limited to; website, newsletter, facebook, twitter, Instagram, and press releases)

  1. Liaisons with the web designer to maintain accurate information on the AADCP website, updating as necessary
  2. Gathers web content
  3. Social media posts aligned with the mission and vision of the association and messaging from the President and/or Executive Board
  4. Assists with messaging from the association, board and president to the membership via email and social media
  5. Coordinates and liaisons with conference hotel IT team

Technical Assistance &Training

Chair – Michelle Hart

Chair for the Judicial Section – Judge Rick Williams 

The Technical Assistance and Training Subcommittee oversees
the delivery and subject matter, populated by board members and committee
members who have expertise in this area. Experts provide training in changes in
EBP, trends for the conference and outside the conference, CEU certificates,
overseeing application for national speakers as well as communicating with
them, Call for Presenters (soliciting, reviewing, contacting (this can also
include keynotes that are not provided through NADCP/NDCI. 

  1. Solicits and vets AZ Faculty to be a pool of experts for various training and technical assistance requests
  2. Remains current on national research and best practices as published by NADCP/NDCI
  3. Processes requests for training around the state
  4. Coordinates approved training
  5. Manages records of all training requested, approved and delivered
  6. Coordinates with IT and Communication Subcommittee to market training provided

Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness (DEI)

Chair – Tiffany Grissom 

AADCP is committed to and values a diverse community of social and cultural differences where everyone fully participates in the governance, planning, and decision making of the association in a welcome and openly collaborative environment.   AADCP has established a DEI subcommittee dedicated to the successful networking and recruitment of multiculturally diverse potential board candidates within our professional community.

  1. Network through professional organizations for qualified board candidates.
  2. Network through personal and professional relationships of current board members.
  3. Ensure speakers and other presenters during our conference and other events reflect social and culturable diversity.
  4. Recognize and reward diversity efforts of board members.
  5. Examine the demographics within our organization.
  6. Share with other organizations, learn their successes and challenges with their DEI plan.
  7. Ensure AADCP participation and visibility in minority communities.